• Product Display
    Marine indsutry
    • GW series
    • GV series
    • GC series
    • GA/GQ series
    • Ocean engineering
    • Coupling & Damper
    Energy indsutry
    • Wind power
    • Solar power
    • Thermal power
    • Nuclear power
    Friendly environment
    • HP roller press
    • Shredder
    Cement industry
    • Vertical mill gearbox
    • Roller press gearbox
    • Ball mill gearbox
    • Rotary kiln gearbox
    Metallurgy indstury
    • Hot-rolled mill gearbox
    • Cold-rolled mill gearbox
    • Rod-Wire mill gearbox
    Hydraulic engineering industry
    • Inclined ship lifte
    • Vertical Ship lifter
    Rail transit industry
    • Turnout
    • Tramcar
    • Monorail
    • Subway
    Mining industry
    • Heading driving gearbox
    • Continuous mining gearbox
    • Travellin gearbox
    Petrochemical industry
    • Shale gas
    • High speed gearbox
    • Multi-shaft Compressor gear
    • universal gearbox
    Marine industry


    Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd. has researched and developed various types of marine gearboxes, including relevant drawings and standards for the design, manufacture and test of products of GW, GV, and GC series. Our companyalso has mastered the core technology of marine gearbox design and processing so theunique needs of users can be met. According to the development needs of our company as well as the current domestic and international market demand for marine gearboxes, our company has carried out the research and development of the gearboxes of GQ/GA series and the jack-up lifting gearbox of the jacking systemof offshore drilling platform, and has undertaken many national key research projects. Thus we have accumulated rich experience in such aspects.


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