• Marine industry
    Marine indsutry
    • GW series
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    • Ocean engineering
    • Coupling & Damper
    Energy indsutry
    • Wind power
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    Friendly environment
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    • Vertical mill gearbox
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    • Hot-rolled mill gearbox
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    • Inclined ship lifte
    • Vertical Ship lifter
    Rail transit industry
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    Mining industry
    • Heading driving gearbox
    • Continuous mining gearbox
    • Travellin gearbox
    Petrochemical industry
    • Shale gas
    • High speed gearbox
    • Multi-shaft Compressor gear
    • universal gearbox
    GW series

    Marine gearbox of GW series, whose internal transmission systems are interrelated with but independent from each other, has multiple functions such as deceleration and reversible clutch, and good performance of maintenance. After years of use and examination, the technology is mature and reliable. Apart from meeting the main propulsion function requirements of the power system, it can also be configured with power branch output to connect fire pumps, cargo pumps, generators, etc., and apply part of the main engine's power into these devices;

    1. There are 8 types of structure according to the layout structure, the number of clutches androtation direction of the input and output, etc.;

    2. According to the capabilities of torque and transmission as well as the center-to-center spacing, it is divided into 17 main specifications. The clutch’scapabilities of torque and transmission and speed cover a large range, and all hosts with torque output of 0.4317kW/r/min and speed of 5001800r/min can be configured.

    3. Diversified layouts of input and output, including concentric ones, vertical offset ones, horizontal offset ones, oblique offset ones, etc., so the configuration requirements of a variety of cabins can be met.


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