• Cement industry
    Marine indsutry
    • GW series
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    • Ocean engineering
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    • Wind power
    • Solar power
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    Cement industry
    • Vertical mill gearbox
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    • Heading driving gearbox
    • Continuous mining gearbox
    • Travellin gearbox
    Petrochemical industry
    • Shale gas
    • High speed gearbox
    • Multi-shaft Compressor gear
    • universal gearbox
    Ball mill gearbox

    The cement mill reducer of JS(T) series of CQ-Gearbox is a large-scale, high-precision, hard-surface and heavy-duty gear transmission device with independent intellectual property rights, which has been developed by our company by learning the technology of foreign mill reducers and combining our company’s design and manufacturing experience. It contains four parts, namely, main reducer, slow drive device, diaphragm coupling, and thin oil lubrication device. At present, more than 3,000 sets have been manufactured, with the maximum power of 6300kw and the longest use time of 30 years.

    The JS series has a two-stage dual-shunt structure, whose models range from JS90 to JS160 with the transmission power within 800kW ~ 4500kWand the transmission ratio ranging from 35:1 to 50:1.

    The JST series central drive reducer has a three-stage double-split structure, with a transmission power within 3000 kW~6300 kW, and a transmission ratio ranging from 60:1 to 70:1.


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